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Menorca: Mallorca´s quiet sister

Menorca, the beautiful little white and blue gem and the most eastern island in the Balearic archipelago. Often overshadowed by its more famous big sisters Ibiza and Mallorca, this little jewel can still hold its own, offering magic and precious secrets to those who go in search.

menorca seaside village

Buying a property in Menorca is definitely for those who want a quieter pace of life. Menorca’s explosion of tourism has been slightly more conservative than its neighbours’ and it has managed to maintain its wild, charming and largely unspoiled natural beauty, receiving the status of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the early 1990's, meaning that 40% of this treasure island is protected from over development. Thanks to this protection, you will not find a property for sale in Menorca that is more than three storeys high, meaning that Menorca's equivalent of Magaluf will never exist!

Whether you prefer to be in quaint villages and ancient towns or by hidden coves, historic monuments, the rugged coastal path, one of its 130 soft sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, there is property for sale in Menorca to afford every experience.

Villas for sale in Menorca are very much in demand and due to its protection, each purchase comes as a true privilege and with great reward. When you buy your luxury property in Menorca, you are guaranteed entitlement to unspoiled Balearic beauty without mass tourism, your very own precious piece of this unspoilt haven, the stunningly charming, 'Minor Island'.


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